The waiter in the Vintry was quick to pick up on Oleg’s accent and asked where he originated from. ‘Snells Beach,’ said Oleg. ‘Via Kazakhstan.’

Grapes were first grown there in 700AD, long before this, Kazakhstanis’ benefited from the wine trade by their spot midway on the Silk Road trade route between Europe and China. After receiving a degree in Marketing and Business Administration, Oleg’s 15-year career sent him around the world where he developed a strong appreciation for fine dining and world class wines.

The Yakutin Family Wines journey

Oleg and his wife Tanya moved from Takapuna to Warkworth in 2014 as Oleg had joined Ransom Wines in time for the stunning 2015 vintage. Oleg credits Robin and Marion Ransom, Gabe Ransom and Rob Pinder, very well-known Matakana vintners, with great appreciation. It was due to those years of dedicated hands-on learning under the vines and in the winery that enabled him to take charge of the Hawks Nest vineyard in 2017, setting forth the Yakutin Family Wines journey. Oleg gets more and more pleased, as we speak, with his soon to be released 2018 ‘Tamgaly series’ Chardonnay, Malbec and Cabernet Franc. Matakana wine lovers attended the launch of these three Yakutin Family Wines in June 2019.

Work and wine together

Based on Old World traditions, Oleg and Tanya aim to combine their obsession with wine and hard work to produce distinctive Matakana wines that illustrate their belief that wine is a true reflection of land, people and time. As Matakana vintners Oleg and Tanya reached a successful milestone of running the vineyard with 100% organic practices, they can credit this to the perfect summer weather for grape growers: hot and dry, which enabled full flowering and great fruit set, and some very clever lawnmowing under the vines! Future plans include adding a 2019 Rosé to Yakutin Family Wines and fingers crossed the opening of a cellar door on a neighbouring vineyard.

Oleg’s top three spots in Matakana? Walking the Brick Bay Sculpture trail, soaking in the view from OBV and a quick trip into the Vintry to check out the full range of Matakana wines.

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